How to Do a Pedicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps | Home Pedicure

How to Do a Pedicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps Home Pedicure

Regular pedicure at home can be a great way to take care of your feet. A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment for the foot and fingernails that helps in improving the condition and beauty of the foot, ankles, and fingernails.

This treatment includes simple procedures which help in beautifying nails, feet, ankles, and fingers through shaping, cleaning, polishing of nails, healing ankles doing nail art, and massaging and toning the muscles of feet. Manicure & Pedicure is already very famous and is practiced by both men and women to beautify their feet.

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Different Types Of Pedicures

There were many different types of Pedicure treatment available, and people choose the kind of Pedicure as per their choice and the condition of their feet such as:


So, these are the kinds of Pedicure treatments available in spas and parlors, but some of them can be done at home easily.


Mostly Pedicures involve the process of a Regular pedicure so, here I will share the steps and process of a Regular pedicure with some extra tips and steps that one can do easily at home pedicure and which seems like a professional pedicure. It is one the best kind of pedicures to do for regular basic and regular maintenance of feet.

Gather All Essential Tools For a Pedicure

For pedicure at home you need to gather the tools and things needed for a DIY Pedicure here is the list of tools and things needed for a perfect pedicure:

.Nail clipper
.Nail buffing block
.Nail file
.Nail clipper
.Pumice stone
.Cuticle cleaner
.Massage cream
.Nail polish remover or thinner
.Nail polish (Top coat & Base coat)

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These are the basic things needed for a professional like a Pedicure at home, these things and tools are easily available at the market or you can buy them online also. If you buy a kit (manicure-pedicure kit) then all these tools are available in it, but you can buy these tools separately too.

How to Do Pedicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps

Step-01 Remove Nail Polish for your at-home pedicure

Start the first step for a professional pedicure by removing old nail polish from your nails with the help of a cotton ball and Nail polish remover. If you don’t have any nail polish on your nails then clean your nail properly.

Step-02 Prepare Your Pedicure bowl

After removing your old nail polish now is the time to prepare the pedicure bowl for soaking.
For preparation fill the pedicure bowl with warm or lukewarm water. Warm enough that it could not burn your skin.

Now add bath salt to the water, if you don’t have bath salt you can use normal sea salt as well, since you are doing it at home you can use home ingredients as well which has the same effects.

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After adding sea salt or bath salt add body wash or any shampoo to the water and squeeze some lemon and mix it well, but do not throw away the lemon peels as they will be needed later.
You can also add rosewater for fragrance.

Step-03 Soaking

After putting all the ingredients to water now comes the most soothing and relaxing procedure of the whole pedicure which is Soaking. Put both of your feet in the tub for about 10 mins. Soaking your feet will soften your skin and relax your muscles. It cleanses your feet as well.

The ingredients you added will also work while soaking, the bath salt hydrates your skin and the lemon juice cleanses the dead skin. While soaking rub the lemon peels on your nails as it will give a natural shine and glow to your nails.

Step-04 Nail Care

After 10 mins put out your feet and pat them dry with a towel. While your nails are soft due to soaking now is the time to work on your nails.
Cut your nails using a nail cutter or nail clipper. After cutting your nails push your nail cuticles using an orange stick for beautiful and long-looking nails, and cut the cuticles which are around the nails using cuticle cleaner. Now shape the edges of your nails using a nail file.

Step-05 Heels Care

When you are done with your nails, the next step is your heels care. Rub your heels using a pumice stone as it will cleanse dead skin from your feet. Rubbing your feet will give them a smooth texture and repair the cracks in your heels.

Step-06 Exfoliation

Now comes the process of exfoliation which deeply cleanses your feet and removes the dead skin cells and dirt from cracks. For exfoliation take a coin size amount of scrub on your hand and rub it on your feet one by one. Properly rub the scrub on your feet heels and fingers for about 8-10 mins.

Step-07 Feet Massage

After exfoliation clean the scrub from your feet by putting it back in the water and washing it or using a wet towel or by just rinsing.
Now take some massage cream or essential oil on your hands and start massaging your feet and heels and fingers for about 8-10 mins.

Step-08 Pack

After messaging apply a feet mask on your feet. You can use a homemade feet mask using fuller earth powder with rose water or any feet mask of your choice or you have.

Step-09 Moisturizer

Clean the pack properly from your feet using a wet towel or by rinsing it. Now apply a moisturizer properly on both of your feet. You can also apply coconut oil or almond oil on your feet.

Step-10 Nail Art

The last procedure of an at-home pedicure is done with nail art. Once you are done with beautifying and smoothing your feets the last step is all about beautifying your nails.
Apply a nail color of your choice. For perfect and beautiful nail paint you must apply a base color first then the top coat nail color of your choice.

FAQ about pedicures at home.

How do you give yourself a pedicure at home?

– Follow these 10 easy steps to give yourself a pedicure at home.

Can pedicure prevent and heal cracked feet?


How often should one get regular pedicures?

-Depends on your lifestyle.

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