Review of Ponds BB Cream Benefits & Side Effects

Review of Ponds BB Cream Benefits & Side Effects

Ponds BB cream is an all-in-one makeup product that is lightweight, hydrating, and instant spot coverage makeup cream with sun protection.

In my previous post review, I reviewed Ponds white beauty cream and its benefits & side effects and now I am going to review Ponds bb+ cream from its benefits to side effects.

Usually, ponds bb+ cream has only two shades which is 1. Ivory, 2. Natural

These two shades are enough to match almost all skin shades. I personally use Ivory shade and my skin shade is quite fair.

Review of Ponds BB Cream Benefits & Side Effects

Let’s talk about ponds bb cream benefits first-

1. MOISTURIZATION- Ponds bb+ cream has Allantoin, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin E which keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and moisturized.

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If you have normal, oily, or combination skin then it is not necessary for you to apply a moisturizer before applying Ponds bb+ cream.

2. SUN PROTECTION- Along with moisturizing and other benefits ponds bb+ cream has SPF30 and PA ++ which protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

3. SMOOTH TEXTURE- Ponds bb+ cream has a smooth texture which means it blends easily on the skin giving an even finish to your makeup.

4. INSTANT SPOT COVERAGE- The best thing about Ponds bb+ cream is, that it covers and conceals blemishes, dark circles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. It makes the skin look smooth and even.

5. LIGHT MAKEUP GLOW- Adding BB cream to your makeup will give you glowing skin without making your makeup look heavy.

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So above were the benefits of Ponds bb cream on your daily outings, work, or parties for a light and instant makeup glow.

How To Use Ponds BB Cream to Get All Of Its Benefits

Now is the time to know the right way to use Ponds bb+ cream to get all of its benefits properly.

1. CLEANSE- Wash your face with a face wash or soap before applying Ponds BB cream.

2. APPLICATION- Apply a small amount of cream to your face and neck properly then blend it with your fingertips or makeup brush.

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3. WAIT- Let your cream dry before applying any other makeup.

4. MAKEUP- After letting the cream dry or set, you can do your makeup.

These are the easy steps to use Ponds bb cream for glowing and smooth makeup for daily uses.

But for professional use, you have to do a bit more which is my personal tip for using Ponds bb cream which I will share with you guys at the end of this post.

Well, just like all products have benefits and side effects so does this Ponds bb cream for some people.

Ponds BB Cream Side Effect

So now let’s talk about the side effects some people face by using Ponds BB cream.

1. SKIN IRRITATION- For some people Ponds BB cream causes skin irritation which includes redness, itching, burning, and pimple breakouts.

This happens to people having very sensitive skin. If you have very sensitive skin then avoid using Ponds bb cream.

2. BREAKOUTS- Ponds BB cream causes pimple breakout in peoples whom it does not suits.

This happens because Ponds bb cream is an oil-based product which means it may clog pores which leads to pimple breakouts.

3. DRYNESS- For some people ponds bb cream is a bit dry or makes the skin more dry as it sucks the moisture of the skin making it flaky.

So if you have already dry skin then apply a moisturizer before applying Ponds bb cream.

4. ENLARGE SKIN PORE- Ponds bb cream contains silicone which fills in skin pores making it more enlarged.

5. SUN SENSITIVITY- No doubt Ponds BB cream contains SPF but it is not a substitute for sunscreen.

So if you are about to spend time outdoors then you must apply sunscreen before bb cream otherwise it will cause irritation and sun tan.

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These were the side effects of using Ponds BB cream for some people, and if you face any of these issues then stop using it.

Best Way To Avoid Side Effects Of Ponds BB Cream

The best way to avoid any side effects of BB cream then follow these steps-

1. PATCH TEST- Do a patch test before using BB cream. For a patch test take a small amount of BB cream apply it on the back side of the neck or ear and leave it for some time.

After that, if it causes any irritation then it is not suitable for you and if it does not then you can use it on your face.

2. CLEANSE- Before applying bb cream make sure to clean your face, because any impurities or dirt on the face may lead to skin irritation.

3. MOISTURIZER- BB cream is a moisturizer in itself, but if you have dry or sensitive skin then you must apply a moisturizer before applying bb+ cream.


I personally apply a light moisturizer before applying Ponds bb+ cream because I have dry and sensitive skin. This helps my makeup set well and glow.

4. USE SUNSCREEN- As I mentioned above apply a layer of sunscreen before applying BB cream if you head out in daylight or work under the sun. This will prevent you from having any sunburn or sun allergies.

5. REMOVE MAKEUP- It is extremely important to wipe your makeup out before going to bed.

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If you have applied Ponds bb cream or any makeup then remove your makeup at night.

This will help your skin relax and protect it from any side effects or reactions of makeup.

My Personal Tip For Using Ponds BB Cream

Review of Ponds BB Cream Benefits & Side Effects

Now comes the to share the professional and personal tips to use Ponds bb+ cream for flawless makeup.

1. AS PRIMER- Ponds bb cream can be used as a primer. I personally do it for a more professional and flawless makeup look when I am about to attend a wedding or a party, all you have to do is apply a layer of Ponds bb cream then let it set after that apply a layer of foundation.

This will give your makeup more finish and even touch.

2. FOR MORE COVERAGE- For more coverage, and an even and glowing makeup look you can apply a double layer of bb Cream.

This will help you hide any dark spots or uneven skin tone.

3. TRICK FOR OILY SKIN- If you have oily skin and applying BB cream on your face appears a bit sticky or oily then you can set your BB cream with a loose powder.

You can use any powder of your choice just apply some powder on your face using a makeup brush. 

This trick will give you a mattifying look to your makeup on your oily skin.

4. TRICK FOR DRY SKIN- If you have dry skin then you must apply a layer of moisturizer before applying BB cream.

This will prevent your makeup from looking more dry and glowing on your dry skin.



Can I use Ponds BB cream daily?

Its light texture makes it suitable for everyday use.

What is Ponds BB+ cream used for?

You can use Ponds BB+ cream as the foundation for light makeup.

How long does Ponds BB cream last?

Ponds BB cream easily lasts 3 to 4 hours.

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