Winter Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Winter is here with its cold wind which makes our skin, especially dry skin more dry, rough, and harsh.

Dry skin must follow a consistent winter skincare routine to maintain skin moisture and to make the skin moisturized, hydrated, and glowing in this harsh weather.

Here I discuss the desired winter skincare routine for dry skin step by step.

Winter Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

1. Fase wash

Instead of using a cleaner use a gentle face wash.

Make sure the face wash consists of any of the ingredients like milk, honey, etc. as it will clean impurities from the skin without stripping the skin’s natural oil.

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It would be better to use a gel-based or oil-based face wash for dry skin.

Using a gel-based or oil-based face wash cannot make the skin harsh and dry also it makes your skin smooth and hydrated.

2. Moisturizer

Always use a moisturizer after washing your face.

Skipping moisturizer can make your skin harsh, and itchy due to dryness and roughness.

So it is very important to use a moisturizer after face wash, after make-up removal, and before going to bed.

This will make your skin healthy and moisturized.

3. Weekly Exfoliation

To deep clean dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells from the skin it is important to exfoliate the skin in winter as well.

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In winter dry skin is already dry and frequent exfoliation can make the skin more dry that is why you should exfoliate your dry skin once a week only.

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Another thing to note here is to use a gentle exfoliator on your dry skin, and of course, you can use a DIY exfoliator.

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4. Face Mask

One should always use a face mask after exfoliation for soothing and relaxing the skin.

A face mask will make your dry skin hydrated, healthy, and glowing. You can also use sheet masks and DIY face masks which are hydrating as well as moisturizing.

5. Face Massage

Face massage is the magical step that will heal and moisturize your dry skin, soothe and hydrate skin issues along with making your dry skin glow and shine all at the same time.

Face massage can be done every day or every night for dry skin as it has many skin benefits.

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The best massage cream for dry is the cream based on the gel. But the best are the oils either coconut oil, castor oil mixed with other oils, almond oil, or jojoba oil.

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All these oils not only moisturize your dry skin deeply but will heal your skin issues along with making your dry skin shine and glow in this harsh weather.

The best time for a face massage is before going to bed, as the oils or cream will have enough time to absorb and work on the skin.

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So above are the 5 easiest ways through which you can make your dry skin moisturized, healthy, and glowing in winter.

But apart from this, there are certain things to keep following along with this skincare routine for a better result and always flawless skin.

skincare routine for a better result and always flawless skin.

1. Do not take a hot shower- instead take a shower or wash your face with lukewarm water. Hot water will strip the skin of natural oil which makes your skin dry, harsh, and itchy.

2. Stay hydrated- try to stay hydrated, and drink plenty of water throughout the day because staying hydrated from the inside will eventually affect your skin from the outside.

It will prevent skin and lips from drying too much.

3. Cover yourself- when leaving outside try to cover your skin properly, wear a face mask, scarf, and gloves as winter wind will make your skin more dry and harsh.

4. Do not skip Moisturizer- never skip your moisturizer always keep your face, skin, and body moisturized to prevent dryness and itchiness due to dryness and other skin issues.

5. Consult the doctor- if your condition is too harsh and it is bleeding and severe then you must visit the doctor and must take good care of your skin.

It is winter and new year stay healthy and happy be yourself, love yourself.

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