Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Cream Review & Experience 2024

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream Review & Experience

In my series of reviews, today I am going to review my favorite hair cream which is Himalaya Anti-hair fall cream.

Himalaya anti-hair fall cream is one of the best hair creams I ever used which helped me a lot to deal with my hair fall issue hair breakage and rough hair, that is why I decided to share my experience with you guys.

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So without wasting time let’s talk about it in detail from packaging to benefits one by one.

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream Review


Himalaya anti-hair fall cream comes in a strong container with a protective lid which makes it leakproof.

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream Review

Even if the container falls off your hand it will not break neither it will leak. So the packaging is suitable if you carry this cream along with you in a bag or other.

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Well, Himalaya anti-hair fall cream is super affordable when it comes to the price which is rs 100 only for 100ml with a life of 3 years.

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream Review


The main ingredients that constitute this amazing anti-hair fall hair cream are Bhringaraja and Amla. It has other botanical plants with Ayurvedic benefits.

Where Bhringraja reduces hair fall and provides nourishment to hair, Amla on the other hand improves hair texture.

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Both ingredients are helpful in reducing hair fall and repairing rough, dull, and dry hair into smooth, silky, moisturized, and soft hair.


Himalaya anti-hair fall cream has a creamy texture as per its name which blends easily on hair as a moisturizer blends on skin.

The texture is neither greasy nor sticky it is just like a moisturizer.

When it comes to smell it has a pleasant smell of amla and other botanical plants present in it.

It doesn’t have a hard smell so if you are allergic to hard smell don’t worry as it has a pleasant smell that lasts only a day.

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So these were the basic information related to Himalaya anti-hairfall cream one could look at while buying.

How To Apply Himalaya Anti-Hairfall Cream.

Now I will tell you guys the process of applying Himalaya anti-hairfall cream.

Well, there are two ways to apply Himalaya anti-hair fall cream which is

  • Before hair wash
  • After hair wash, as stated on its packaging as direction.

Here I am going to explain the process of applying this hair cream but in my own way.


  • The very first thing to do is comb your hair properly then part your hair in two parts.
  • Now take Himalaya anti-hair fall cream and start applying it on your scalp by parting hairs on both sides. Make sure to apply hair cream from the length to the tips of your hair.
  • After applying hair cream comb your hair again so that the hair cream will spread properly on your scalp and hair length.

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  • Then leave the hair cream to work on your hair for about 1-2 hours before your hair while you do your daily chaos. 
  • While washing your hair it is optional to use shampoo and conditioner, but if you do use then it is no issue you can definitely use shampoo and conditioner.

I personally use a mild shampoo and conditioner after washing my hair cream as it makes my hair super soft, smooth, and moisturized.

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I do this when I am about to attend a part to style my hair otherwise I just simply wash my hair cream.


  • After the hair wash let your hair half dry then comb your hair to remove knots,
  • Then apply Himalaya anti-hair fall cream on your scalp, length, and tips of your hair properly,
  • After applying hair cream comb your hair again to spread hair cream properly and evenly on your hair,
  • Now let your hair dry then you can style your hair as you like.

Both ways are applicable in their own ways you can use the hair cream as per your schedule and concern as it can be applicable on a daily basis.

In fact, you can use it daily either before hair wash or after hair wash for better results.

In both ways, it works the same which is to reduce hair fall, and hair breakage and nourish hair while making hair soft and moisturized.

Benefits Of Himalaya Anti-Hairfall Cream

Benefits Of Himalaya Anti-Hairfall Cream


Himalaya anti-hairfall cream works amazingly for hair fall, I personally feel that my hair loss is reduced from the very first use of this hair cream.


Himalaya anti-hair fall cream also reduces hair breakage due to rough and weak hair.


Himalaya anti-hair fall cream has an amazing property of hair moisturizer as it makes the hair soft and smooth by reducing dullness and toughness of hair.


Himalaya anti-hair fall cream nourishes damaged and dull hair which makes hair fall due to breakgae and weak hair.

It nourishes hair from the scalp to tip so that any chances of hair fall would be reduced.


The best thing about this amazing hair cream is that it is super affordable, it is not like other hair cream which is costly and not all can afford.

For 100 rs it is an affordable and worthy haircream to deal with the issues of hairfall.


Himalaya anti-hairfall can be available easily at cosmetic shops and online stores. There will be a discount if you purchase it from online stores during the offer.

I bought it from the Nykaa festive sale for rs77 only.


Unlike other hair creams, Himalaya anti-hairfall cream is very easy to wash off the hair. It is not oily or greasy which requires effort and time to wash.


Another benefit of Himalaya anti-hair fall cream is it promotes hair growth.

Side Effect Of Himalaya Anti-Hairfall Cream

I personally feel no side effects of Himalaya anti-hair fall cream so far.

The only thing I noticed is that the way it works for hair fall is not the same for hair growth.

Maybe I am not using this hair cream on a daily basis. My hair fall has stopped since I started using this cream but I feel no hair growth just because of Himalaya anti hairfall cream.

It is my personal experience but the result may vary from person to person, so try it first and see how it works for you.

Who Can Use Himalaya Anti-Hairfall Cream?

1. It is for people who have hair fall and hair breakage issues.

2. People have rough, dull, and damaged hair.


I personally rate Himalaya anti-hairfall cream 9.5 out of 10. I am really satisfied with how it works for my hair fall, dry, and rough hair.

For winter it is an amazing hair cream for moisturizing rough and dry hair.

Can I use Himalaya anti-hair fall cream daily?

Yes, you can use Himalaya anti-hair fall cream daily before or after hair wash.

What is the best anti-hair fall cream?

Himalaya anti-hair fall cream is one of the best anti-hair fall creams.

Can we use Himalaya anti-hair fall cream on wet hair?

Yes, you can use Himalaya anti-hair fall cream on wet hair & dry hair.

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