10 Best Makeup Pouch In India 2024

best makeup pouch in india

A good makeup pouch is a must-have for makeup lovers. A makeup pouch offers a perfect way to keep makeup products and cosmetics organized and easy to carry.

If you are a school or college student or working woman then a makeup bag is all you need to have easy access to your makeups even in a hurry or to carry.

Makeup pouches can be easily available in markets and online shops having a number of varieties. But buying it online could offer you more variety and discounts.

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Having a variety of pouches for makeup might be confusing for you, so to buy the right one for yourself keep in mind these certain points.

How To Choose The Right Makeup Pouch

Choose the size of make pouch according to the amount of makeup you have.
If you have a few makeup products then go for a small one but if you have a lot of makeup products then go for a big one or set of makeup pouches which has different sizes of makeup pouches in a set of 3 or 5 and so on.


  • A makeup pouch comes in different materials such as fabric, plastic, and leather.
  • A fabric makeup bag is cheap and less durable it could soon get ripped.
  • Whereas a plastic makeup pouch is also cheap but is more durable and waterproof for being plastic.
  • And a leather makeup pouch is expensive and durable.
  • For a classy look, you can go for a leather makeup pouch.
  • But I personally prefer a plastic makeup pouch for being waterproof as well as see-through which makes an easy access to get the thing I needed.

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Another Thing To Keep In Mind Is FEATURES

  • Some makeup bags are simple being just a pouch but some have features like pockets, compartments, and a mirror.
  • These features provide more space to your pouch and you can add some makeup essentials like makeup sponge, and makeup brushes as well.

Always keep in mind these features not to get confused while buying a perfect makeup pouch for yourself.

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If you are looking for the best makeup pouches for yourself then don’t worry as I did mention here best makeup pouches for school & college girls, working women, for daily use, and travel makeup pouches in three different categories are plastic, fabric, and leather to make it easy for you guys to choose the right one without wasting your time.

best makeup pouch in india

Best Makeup Pouch In India

1. Gonex Small Makeup Pouch for Purse

Small Makeup Pouch

A vegan leather makeup pouch bag from Gonex is on top of our list of leather makeup pouches.

It is a waterproof makeup bag and has small pockets or compartments inside the pouch to separately store your makeup and accessories.

To have a luxury look at your office or school you can buy this beautiful leather makeup pouch bag for yourself.

– The zipper can be a bit stiff at first– The bag is not very big
– Stylish and elegant design– The zipper can be a bit stiff at first

2. Large Makeup Bag Zipper Pouch For Travel

makeup pouch for travel
makeup pouch for travel

An amazing fabric makeup pouch for travel and organization for women and girls.

This fabric makeup pouch is water resistant and comes in two different sizes which are a large one and a small one having 5 small compartments inside of it to store different makeup items.

If you are traveling and thinking of buying a makeup pouch for yourself then buy it without giving a second thought.

Even if you are a working woman and need a makeup pouch to carry your makeup then this makeup pouch is also for you. As it has a different range of beautiful colors.

– Large capacity– Heavy
– Multiple compartments– Bulky
– Water-resistant– Quite Expensive

3. SNDIA Multipurpose Transparent Travel Pouch For Makeup

Travel Pouch For makeup

Another on our list is the set of 4 multipurpose transparent travel pouch makeup toiletry kits from SINDIA.

Being multipurpose you can store makeup, accessories, jewelry, medicine, etc.

This makeup pouch is also ideal for traveling and home organization.

It is waterproof and made up of sturdy plastic material which makes it strong.

The 4 sizes include extra large, large, medium, and small providing storage for multiple items and easy access.

If you have a lot of makeup and cosmetic products and makeup accessories then this set of 4 multipurpose makeup pouches is for you.

– Lightweight and compact– Thin plastic
– Transparent pouches
– Set of 4 pouches with different sizes

4. Nestasia Leather Makeup Bag For Women

Tan makeup pouch bag

Here comes the most classy-looking makeup pouch on our list.

This tan hand-quilted exterior-designed makeup pouch is so luxurious and classy to show off in your workplace and school.

This makeup pouch bag is also an amazing gift item for your wife and girlfriend.

It has two two side pockets inside to separately store your makeup.

This water-proof leather makeup pouch is also a good option for traveling purposes and storing multiple accessories.

– Stylish and elegant design– Bit bulky
– Waterproof lining
– Makeup pouch with compartment

5. Renva Professional Makeup Kit Storage Makeup Pouches for Women


This is a unique makeup pouch on our list from Renva Professional.

This multi-storage makeup pouch has 4 long transparent pouches attached to a sheet which can fold into a small bag.

The small pouches are removable giving it easy access to store makeup.

This unique makeup pouch comes in different colors and is super affordable.

Having a unique design makes it the best makeup pouch for a gift for your sister.

You can also have it for your wife or girlfriend.

– Large, foldable makeup bag with multiple compartments– Bulky when it is fully expanded
– Well-organized makeup storage
– Affordable

6. SHOPPOSTREET Bucket Barrel Shaped Makeup Bag Travel Case 

Travel pouch

A bucket makeup pouch is from SHOPPOSTREET which folds like a pot along with a small rectangle bag attached to it.

It has a unique fabric makeup pouch on our list.

For storing your small bottles of makeup products and makeup brush this bucket-shaped makeup pouch is the best option during travel and outings.

You can also use it as a gift item for your loved ones.

– Durable and waterproof– Bulky when full
– Easy to clean
– Makeup pouch with pockets

7. House of Quirk Toiletry Kit For Women

makeup pouch

From the house of quirk here is our next makeup pouch which is a multipurpose makeup pouch for travel and regular use makeup pouch for girls and women.

It is waterproof and has separate pockets inside it providing easy access to store different products and accessories.

This beautiful flamingo-printed makeup pouch bag has 2 different beautiful prints along with a metal zipper.

It is the best-printed makeup pouch under 200 and is an amazing gift option as well.

– Perfect for storing toiletries, jewelry, electronics accessories– Bulky when full

8. Cosmetic Bag for Women Waterproof Makeup Bags 

cosmetic bag for women

Another wide range of beautifully printed makeup pouches is from the brand Deanfun.

This is a single makeup pouch without any extra pockets inside it but is ideal to store basic makeup products for school girls and working women.

This beautifully printed makeup pouch for brides is also an amazing option to gift your loved ones.

– Durable and waterproof– Zippers can be a bit stiff at first
– Lightweight and easy to carry
– Makeup pouch with pockets

9. FLYNGO Clear Makeup Pouch For Girls

small pouch for makeup	 
makeup pouch for women	 
best makeup pouch	 
makeup pouch small

This plastic makeup pouch is from Flyngo and it is a set of 3 multipurpose transparent makeup pouches.

This set of 3 cute makeup pouches is an amazing option to store your essentials while traveling since it is cute, handy, transparent, and waterproof in 2 different colors which are light pink and sky.

Even if you are thinking of a gift item for your sister, wife, or some friends then you can definitely go for it.

– Durable and waterproof– Pouches are not insulated
– Lightweight and easy to carry
– Perfect for travel 

10. PrettyKrafts Plastic Box Vanity, Travel Toiletry Bag


This transparent plastic box vanity travel bag is a multipurpose bag for storing makeup, toiletry, and travel accessories.

This is a set of 3 makeup pouches in different sizes including large, medium, and small for storing different items.

This kind of transparent and waterproof makeup bag set is ideal for traveling and organizing makeup and accessories at home.

Being transparent made it easy to access the thing you are searching for without wasting time.

– Durable and waterproof – Not TSA approved
– Lightweight and easy to carry
– Perfect for travel 

What are makeup pouches called?

Makeup bags are called cosmetic bags, Toiletry bags, and vanity kits.

What are the uses of makeup pouches?

Most common uses for makeup pouches. To store makeup, To organize makeup, As a travel bag, To store jewelry.

What is the best material for makeup pouches?

The best material for makeup pouches depends on your individual needs and preferences.

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