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10 Easy Steps To Do A Manicure At Home

Everything you do requires your hands so we can say that your hands represent your personality. That is what manicures do Enhance your beauty and your personality. The cleanliness of nails the colors the extensions, everything says about you and who you are.

A beautiful nail’s color attracts attention and admiration, the length of your nail and the art and everything about the manicure makes you feel good and confident about yourself.

What is Manicure?

A manicure is a cosmetic treatment of hands and fingernails which helps in improving the condition and beauty of hands and nails. This treatment includes simple procedures which help in beautifying nails and fingers such as sharpening, cleaning, polishing nails, doing nail art, and massaging and toning the condition of fingers and hands.

Manicure is already very famous but nail art is now on trend. People decorate their nails with stones and accessories and DIYs.

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Types of Manicures

There were different types of manicure treatment available, and people choose the kind of manicure their choice such as:


So these were the different kinds of manicure treatments available in nail spas and parlors. But one can also perform these manicures at home and on their own.

But the easiest and simplest manicure is a BASIC MANICURE which everybody can perform at home easily both men and women.

This is the kind of manicure that is suitable for every occasion and for everyone for regular maintenance. So if you do not know how to do a manicure at home then here I share 10 easy steps to do a manicure at home.

Gather All Essential Tools For a Manicure

How to do a manicure at home with simple steps
Manicure Kits

Before starting the steps make sure to gather the things and tools needed for a perfect Manicure at home the list is as follows:

10 Easy Steps To Do Manicure At Home

STEP-01: Clean Your Nails

Before starting the procedure of manicure you must remove the old nail polish from your nails.

To remove old nail polish you can either use thinner or nail polish remover cotton pads. Both are good for removing nail polish. Even if you don’t apply any nail polish just rub nail polish remover over your nails as it will remove dirt and oil from nails.

STEP-02: Cutting And Shaping of Nails

After removing nail polish the next step for a professional manicure is to cut your nails. Cut your nails if you have long nails using a nail cutter or nail clipper. If you already have shorter nails then skip cutting your nails.

After cutting nails it is time to shape your nails as per your choice whether round square or pointed using a nail file.

STEP-03: Soaking of Hands

Soaking is one of the best feelings during manicures and pedicures. It doesn’t only relax your hands but it relaxes your entire body.

To soak your hands all you need is a manicure bowl/tub and fill it with lukewarm water, warm enough that it could not burn your skin.

Now add some ingredients to the water to have a hydrating soaking therapy such as bath salt or sea salt and some lemon extract.
Both ingredients help in hydrating and deep cleansing your skin. Now soak both of your hands for about 10-15 mins.

STEP-04: Cutting and Shaping Cuticles

Since your hands are wet due to soaking so it is the best time to cut and shape the cuticles as it will not hurt your skin being wet.

Put out your hands after 10-15 min and pat dry but not completely. Now cut your nail cuticles which are around your nails using cuticle cleaner.
After cutting cuticles now push cuticles to have a broad and long beautiful looking nail.

STEP-05: Exfoliation

For exfoliation take a good amount of scrub on your hands and massage your hands properly. Gently massage your wrist, elbow, fingers, and forearm for about 8-10 min.

Exfoliation would help in cleaning dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. It also helps in removing pigmentation and dark patches from skin elbows.

STEP-06: Hand Massage

Another step of a home manicure is massaging your hands. For hand massage, you can take any kind of massage cream or specific hand massage cream from manicure kits. Gently massage your wrist, fingers forearms, and elbows for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Massaging your hand helps in moisturizing your hand skin deeply and making it healthy and bright.

Before starting a hand massage do not forget to clean the exfoliating scrub from your hands as the particles of scrub would hurt the skin during massage.

STEP-07: Manicure Hand Mask

For a hand mask, all you need is either a homemade mask or a mask. Apply a good amount of mask on your hands and leave it for about 8 to 10 minutes.

You can make a mask from kitchen ingredients such as a fuller Earth mask or turmeric mask honey mask or curd mask. A hand mask would help in nourishing and brightening your skin.

STEP-08: Moisturizing

For moisturization apply a good amount of moisturizer or body lotion on your hands and fingers gently after cleaning the hand mask.

Moisturizing is a necessary step of a manicure as exfoliation and masks could make your skin dry. So it is necessary to moisturize your hand so that it will not get drier or patch.
Do not forget to apply moisturizer after applying a hand mask.

STEP-09: Nail Art

The most fun part of at-home manicures is nail art. For nail art apply a nail color of your choice for beautiful and attractive hands and nails.

Apply a base coat first in nail art then apply a top code of the color of your choice. You can also do DIY nail designing if you want to.

STEP-10: Clean Up

If you get your hand smudges of nail polish then clean it up. For cleaning, smudges take an orange stick and wrap some cotton and dip it in thinner and clean it up.

You can also wrap nail polish remover cotton pads around the orange stick for clean smudges.

Important Benefits of Manicures


Manicure not only beautifies your hands and fingers but also relaxes the muscles of your fingers and hands. The soaking, massaging, and packs all play a vital role in relaxing your muscles.


The cleaning of nails, cutting, cuticles, and removing dirt and impurities helps in preventing infections.


Manicures help in preventing stress the procedures in manicures relieve stress and soothe the mind.


The massage and hot water soaking help in improving blood circulation as good relief of stress.


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