Disadvantages Of Rubbing Ice Cubes On Face

Disadvantages Of Rubbing Ice Cubes On Face

For the past few years, we have been witnessing a trend in beauty and skincare routines which is rubbing ice cubes on the face. Many celebrities as well as beauty experts confess it to be a part of their skincare routine having effectiveness in anti ageing and spotless smooth and youthful skin. But they failed to tell us the disadvantages of rubbing ice cubes on face.

As there are certain cons of rubbing ice cubes on the face irrespective of their effective work on the skin.

Here we are going to discuss these certain disadvantages of rubbing ice cubes on face which are as follows:-

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Disadvantages Of Rubbing Ice Cubes On Face

1. Damage your Skin-

Rubbing an ice cube directly on your face is quite damaging to your skin. It affects the blood circulation of facial skin if you put it directly on your skin. So whenever you are rubbing an ice cube on your face wrap that ice cube in a cloth or tissue then rubs it on your face.

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2. Cause Irritation and Redness-

As mentioned above that rubbing an ice cube affects blood circulation, it freezes your blood which results in redness and irritation of the skin.

That is why you should never hold an ice cube on your skin for too long as it will result in something serious. Keep moving it without holding it for long in particular spots of your skin.

Also, If you have dry skin then rubbing an ice cube on your would make your skin more dry and itchy which causes irritation as well. So if you have dry skin then avoiding rubbing ice on the skin would be good for you.


3. Cause Infection-

Rubbing ice also causes infection and allergies to the skin if the water which is used to make ice cubes is dirty or contains dirt particles. So before making ice cubes make sure the water you are using is clean and clear.

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4. Cause Cold/Fever-

Since ice cubes are extremely cold and your skin temperature is warm, a sudden change in the temperature of your skin might be serious to some people who caught fevers and cold easily.

Also rubbing an ice cube on the nose can be harmful to people having problems with sinuses. So if you’re a person who comes under this category you must stay away from this beauty trend.

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Through this post you guys would be aware of the disadvantages of rubbing ice cubes on the face, this also suggests that before adopting any new trend either for skincare or for body and health you must go through its pros and cons to avoid anything harmful to yourself.

Q. Is it bad to rub ice cube on face?

– Depends on skin type and person.

Q. How many minutes should I rub ice on my face?

Р Around for 20-30 minutes before towel-drying your skin.

Q. Can ice remove pimple marks?

– No, but it makes the pimple less noticeable.

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